Pay attention, the cost of delivery of goods by international mail depends mainly on the weight of the parcel itself. The more the weight of the shipment sent, the more favorable the terms of delivery. Delivery of parcels of a small weight is more expensive, since the cost of the first kilogram is usually the highest for all postal services, each subsequent kilogram is much cheaper.

We recommend forming parcels weighing from 5 to 10 kg to optimize the cost of delivery and the smooth passage of customs. To achieve the optimal weight of the parcel, you can invite friends and relatives to combine your orders into a common parcel.


To deliver volumetric parcels and combine multiple orders, we use EMS’s postal service.

Fast and reliable delivery service with tracking online on a special tracking number, which is assigned to each parcel upon departure.

EMS rates are advantageous compared to other courier services, such as DHL, TNT, UPS. This delivery option is better suited for more expensive products. Delivery is carried out in all countries of the world. The postal courier will deliver the parcel to your door.

Package weight: no more than 30 kg

The length of the package: not more than 150 cm

Dimensions of the parcel: length + width + height not more than 225 cm

Delivery time: 7-15 days



For sending small orders we use delivery by Registered Letter. This form of delivery belongs to the category of registered mail and is not subject to customs duties.

The prices are much lower than when sending a small package with EMS, reliability is high, each departure is assigned an individual number (tracking), with which you can track the movement of the parcel.

For this type of correspondence, we use standard envelopes with air cushioning, or packing boxes that do not exceed the specified dimensions.

Shipping Weight: 2 kg or less

Length of parcel: not more than 60 cm

Dimensions of the parcel: length + width + height not more than 90 cm

Delivery time: 14-20 days


Inexpensive delivery option for parcels weighing more than 2 kg. This way of delivery is suitable for sending inexpensive but bulk packages.

For shipping we use packing boxes that do not exceed certain dimensions. This type of correspondence, like EMS, is accompanied by a declaration and tracked by tracking number from the date of shipment, but much cheaper in value.

The only drawback in comparison with EMS is the longer delivery times and the smaller maximum package size.

Package weight: not more than 20 kg

Length of parcel: not more than 100 cm

Dimensions of the parcel: length + 2 * width + 2 * height not more than 200 cm

Delivery time: 15-20 days


Russia – Zona 4

One of the possible options for delivery is a private courier service.

The minimum weight of the parcel for sending by courier service is 5 kg.

The parcel can be and 100 gr, but it is paid, as 5 kg. Next, each kg is paid separately.

This allows you to order a few items and save on shipping.